Doing A Bench Press

A bench press is an exercise that is made to work out the chest. In order for you to get stronger you need a stronger chest; a bench press will also help you to get your chest bigger.


Benefits of a bench press


A bench press will make your world of pushups a lot easier. A push requires chest strength as well as arms and core. Unlike a pushup were sometimes the triceps might be worked more with a bench press most of the weight goes on your chest.


A bench press will also help you with your stamina when running. To be a good runner you need a good form. To have a good form you need to have a strong chest. When running your chest needs to be keep upright a weak chest might be hard to keep this up right position. Most sprinters do use bench presses so they can build on their upper body strength and hence have a better form.


Overall bench press will increase your power. This is power to do more in a workout. This is because a bench press builds on those muscles in your chest and when this happens you have more power to exercise and perform more efficiently.


How to do a bench press


Lie flat on your back on a bench, then with a grip on the bar lift it so it goes straight over your head with your arms half locked. After take a breath in and lower the back to your chest almost touching then take a deep breath out and push the bar up. Hold the bar in the air for a few seconds then return to the previous position. Then continue doing this until you have reached your minimum number of reps, after doing so just return the bar to the rack. You should always be in charge of the bar throughout the repetitions.


Barbell bench presses are mostly done with barbells because it is the easiest way to do a bench press. Bench presses are a compound type of movement that means during the exercise more than one muscle groups are working.

Barbell guillotine press

Barbell guillotine press is another way of doing a bench press. This time more of the upper chest is working. Doing a Barbell guillotine bench press follows the same guideline as a regular bench press. You are to lie flat on your back and get a medium grip on the bar. The only difference this time is that instead of bringing the weight done almost touching your chest you bring it to your neck. In this move you should most definitely be careful and make sure you have the upper hand.